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Why You Should Choose
Log Cabin in Smoky Mountain

The Mountain
There is a hush and peace in the high country that you can't find in Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge.  If you prefer hearing traffic outside the window and the luxury of being able to see your neighbors on both sides and across the street, or sitting in traffic for hours getting back to your cabin, then we are not your venue. There are some great places in town we would love to recommend to you.

Proximity from the Interstate
We are actually a half an hour closer than Gatlinburg or Pigeon Forge.

The Service
Here at log cabin in smoky mountain we have staff on property 24 hours.

Beautiful Night Skies
Would you like to see the Milky Way and constellations in a truly dark night sky? Good luck seeing much of that in town but you sure can out in the country without the blur of the city and the neighbor's spot lights.

Nature Walks
Hiking the trails through and around the mountain is an experience unique to the countryside. Not to say you can't meander down the street in town but somehow that is not quite like a hike in the rugged reality of nature at its most pristine level. True, the mountains are really a pristine situation Not likely to find any of that downtown. Missing it already, right?

Dinner on the Outside Patio
If it's not too hot or cold, enjoy dinner on the wrap around porch, or second floor deck outside overlooking the stunning The Great Smoky Mountains. We offer a fully stocked kitchen and indoor dining area plus an outdoor gas grill that can cook up to 28 hamburgers.

Breakfast Choices!
Many places offer breakfast. Our uniqueness is that we provide a menu of at least three sumptuous choices for breakfast entrees and an interesting and creative fruit display and buffet which changes up every day. Call ahead of time so we can order your individual meal and have them delivered to the cabin by a local restaurant or take advantage of the personal chef services offered by Chef Ray of Fruitful Vintage.

Recreational Activities
During the summer, we have board games, corn hole, cards, chess, checkers, hiking, and leisurely romantic walks through our neighborhood.

Less Winter Snow and Rain
We actually receive less of the rain and snow that falls upon Gatlinburg!
breakfast older couple hiking night sky
Log Cabin in Smoky Mountain
1345 Yellowwood Drive
Sevierville, TN 37876